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Keeping Your Landscape Pristine All Year Round

If you want to make and keep the outside of your home beautiful with lush vegetation and bright beautiful blooms, look no further than Bears Ears Landscape in Craig, CO. Winner of the community-voted “The Best of Moffat County” for Landscape Contractor three years running and Best Garden Center in 2018, we offer a wide variety of services to keep your property looking pristine. We can help you with landscape design, choosing the annual and perennials that best match your style, tend to your garden, and even install an irrigation system.

Our goal is to make your garden something to behold. We provide lawn care services to ensure your property always looks its best. With our irrigation installation services, we can install a sprinkler system or a drip irrigation system. We can control the amount of water so that your landscape looks great while also conserving water.

Growing a vegetable garden? Stop in today to see how we can help you with garden design while recommending easy-to-grow veggies you can enjoy during harvest time. Looking for some reprieve from the sun? Check out our assortment of shade trees to keep you and your yard cool during the summer months.

Nursery  in Craig, CO
Landscaping Company in Craig, CO
Landscaping Company in Craig, CO

Our Services

Premium Nursery Stock Zoned 3-4
Vegetable Plants
Irrigation Systems
Full-Yard Services
Custom Planters & Hanging Baskets
Custom Landscape Design & Installation

Nursery Stock


5-Gallon Sized Container

Aspen – Single Stem
Austrian Pine
Canadian Redleaf Chokecherry
Colorado Blue Spruce
Cottonwood –Siouxland
Ginnalla Maple
Silver Leaf Maple/Poplar

10 Gallon Sized Container

Autumn Blaze Maple
Birch- Heritage
Cottonwood- Siouxland
Crabapple- Spring Snow
Crabapple- Weeping Red Jade
Juniper- Rocky Mountain
Pear- Aristocrat

15-Gallon Sized Container

Ash- Oakleaf Mountain
Aspen- multi-stem
Canadian Redleaf Chokecherry
Plum- Newport

Ball & Burlap Root Stock

2” Caliper-Sized (stem diameter)

Aspen- multi-stem
Birch-Weeping- multi-stem
Cottonwood- Narrow Leaf
Cottonwood- Siouxland
Crabapple- Royal Gem
Crabapple- Rose Bud
Crabapple- Spring Snow
Crabapple- Thunderchild
Honey Locust

2.5”-3.5” Caliper-Sized (stem diameter)

Ash- Autumn Purple
Ash- Patmore
Aspen- multi-stem
Autumn Blaze Maple
Canadian Redleaf Chokecherry
Crabapple- Prairie Fire

6’-7’ in Height

Austrian Pine
Black Hills Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce – Columnar
Colorado Blue Spruce – Standard
Limber Pine

***Please contact us for varieties not listed***


5-Gallon Sized Container

Barberry- Rosey Glow
Barberry- Ruby Carousel
Evergreen Shrubs
Bird’s Nest Spruce
Burning Bush– Dwarf
Juniper- Blue Chip
Juniper- Old Gold
Juniper- Sea Green
Caragana (Pea Shrub)
Chokeberry– Autumn Magic
Cistena Plum (Western Sand Cherry)
Mugo Pine (Dwarf)
Currant – Alpine
Dogwood- Red Twig
Dogwood – Silver & Gold- Variegated
Lilac- Common Purple
Lilac- Ludwig Spaeth- Very Dk. Reddish Purple
Lilac- MME Lemoine- White
Lilac- Miss Kim- Dwarf
Lilac- Ms. Canada- Rose Pink
Lilac- President Lincoln- Wedgewood Blue
Lilac- Sensation- Purple with White Edges
Lilac- Tinkerbell- Pink
Lilac- Yankee Doodle- Deep Purple
Ninebark- Gold
Ninebark- Summer Wine
Potentilla- Gold Drop
Potentilla- Gold Finger
Potentilla- Magic Tango
Potentilla- Pink
Potentilla- White
Privet- Cheyenne
Rose- Carefree Beauty- Coral Pink
Rose- Groatendorst
Rose- MD.GOV.Meidland
Rose- White
Serviceberry- Native
Smokebush- Royal Purple
Spirea- Blue Mist Bluebird
Spirea- False
Spirea- Gold Flame
Spirea- Magic Carpet
Spirea- Renaissance (Bridal Wreath)
Sumac- Ash Leaf

***Please contact us for varieties not listed***

10-Gallon Sized Container

Viburnum- Common Snowball
Viburnum- Wentworth
Willow – Dwarf Arctic Blue


#1 Gallon-Sized Containers

Bee Balm/Monarda-Petite Blue
Blackeyed Susan/Rudebeckia
Clematis- Vine
Columbine- McKanna’s Giant
Columbine- Rocky Mtn Blue
Cone Flower/Echinacea- Purple
Cone Flower/Echinacea- White Thyme- Wooly
Coral Bells- Purple Palace
Coral Bells- Red Ruby
Coreopsis- Sunray
Coreopsis- Zagreb
Creeping Jenny
Daylily- Nugget
Daylily- Rosy Returns
Daylily- Stella D’oro
Dianthus- Sweet William
Goldenray- Big Leaf
Grass- Blue Fescue
Grass- Karl Foerster
Holly Hock
Iris- Tall Bearded – Assorted Varieties
Jacob’s Ladder
Lady’s Mantle
Lamb’s Ear
Lamium- Purple Dragon
Lupine- Mixed Colors
Penstemon- Pikes Peak
Penstemon- Red Rocks
Phlox- Neon Star
Phlox- Blue Emerald
Phlox- Pink Emerald
Phlox- Purple
Phlox- Upright- Assorted Colors
Pincushion Flower/Scabiosa- Purple
Poppy- Oriental
Rockcress/Saponaria- Pink
Russian Sage
Salvia- May Night
Sedum- Assorted Varieties
Shasta Daisy- Snowcap
Silver Mound
Snow On The Mountain
Snow In The Summer
Speedwell/Veronica- Blue
Speedwell/Veronica- Red Fox
Sweet Woodruff
Virginia Creeper/Engleman Ivy

***Please contact us for varieties not listed***

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Keep your lawn and garden gorgeous all year round with services from Bears Ears Landscape. Contact us today at 970-824-2348, or better yet, come visit us to see all that we can offer you!

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